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Ezy Time

EzyTimeSheet is a software solution that gives you complete control over your organization’s time, projects, tasks and expenses. Using EzyTime you can easily monitor every single activity performed by your employees on a day-to-day basis. Whether its expense management, project management or simply the attendance of your employees, everything is available to you with just a few clicks. EzyTime also has an iOS application and responsive web version which allows you use these features on-the-go.

Ezy Time Station

EzyTimeStation is a software solution which allows payroll, time and attendance modules to be fully integrated and configured to meet your business needs. Our software simplifies your processes, increases efficiency and frees up resources, so you can focus on growing your business and maximizing profitability. Using our software you can manage the clock in and clock timing, employee leaves, payslip, loans, advance payment, income tax slabs.

Quick Invoice

Quick Invoice is web based application to manage the invoicing system of small to medium size enterprises. Quick Invoice is complete solution for invoice management which includes creating and sending price quotation to the clients, transferring that quotation to invoice once approved, direct invoicing, sending online invoice to clients, receiving online payments and maintaining the client wise invoicing history. The customizable branding feature enables you to use your own name and logo on invoices, estimates and receipts. All invoices are online so you don't need to send physical invoices anymore. Send personalized e-mails for invoices, estimates, and payment receipts to your clients. Quick Invoice has pre-defined e-mail structure, you just have to draft a note to be sent for all clients and it will automatically be adjusted with your invoice number and client details.

My Shift Work

MyShiftWork is a useful and simple calendar app for shift workers. Beneficial for people who works on different shift patterns or rotations, this app will allow you to enter your pattern in a calendar. Easy to create shift types with title, an icon or a background (or both) as many as you want. It allows you to enter shifts on the calendar months and also to create or enter shift rotations on the calendar for future dates. You can easily manage different shift patterns if you want to see shift patterns of another person. You can also create different shift types and rotations for this shift pattern. MyShiftWork is on the US top 20 paid applications on Google Play Store with more than 30,000+ downloads.

Session Pro

SessionsPro provides you with data on each "session" to know exactly when and how long you worked. You can easily create counters to track the time spent on various projects. SessionsPro counts the total time for each session running and provides you the data, which helps improve your efficiency and productivity.SessionsPro can be used by anyone. Freelancers can use the app to track hours & earnings for each client. Entrepreneurs and managers can use it to calculate the time spent working on different projects. Students can use it to monitor the time they spent studying.

Cheap Card

CheapCard was founded in 2004 and we have since become a leading phone card retailers in Australia.

CheapCard is proud to be 100% Australian owned company.

CheapCard offers you reputable calling cards, mobile recharge vouchers and your favourite prepaid game cards.

Currently, we are on version 3 of CheapCard website. It took us a long exhausting 3 years to complete the website from scratch, purely just to serve you, our loyal customers better.